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Shipping Information

ADC’s are "Authorized Distribution Centers" in Southern California. You can pick up your order from these centers and your order is only subject to a handling charge of no more than $49.00.

- Shaw Products can be will called from a Shaw Metro Distribution Center an are only subject to a $49.00 handling charge.

Please note:
Because residential delivery can get expensive, NetFloors.com recommends that our customers pick up their orders at the nearest Service center. This is the most efficient and least expensive way to get your flooring. If you are using a professional installer, you may want to arrange for them to pick up your merchandise since they normally have equipment and experience in handling flooring shipments.

Shipping Details:

Area Rugs:

Rugs are delivered by UPS or Fed Ex Ground. Most rugs are in stock and take 7 to 10 days for delivery. Rug pads are shipped separately. Rugs that are out of stock will take longer, and you will be notified by e-mail or phone if product is back ordered.

Please note – all rugs sizes are approximate. Color representations may vary from actual rug due to differences in computer settings.


Carpet purchases must be picked up at one of over 250 convenient Pick Up Centers nationwide.

Orders must be picked up within 5 days of shipment arriving at the Pick Up Center. Please contact Customer Care if additional time is needed.

Please note – color representations may vary due to dye lot differences.

Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl Tiles:

Method 1: NetFloors.com can ship directly to your residence or job site.

Method 2: You, or your authorized contractor or installer, can pick up at one of the over 250 Pick Up Centers nationwide. Orders must be picked up within 5 days of shipment arriving at the Pick Up Center. Please contact Customer Care if additional time is needed.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic tile can be shipped directly to your home or jobsite. Normal transit time is 7 to 10 business days. Special order tiles may incur shipping delays. If your tile is on backorder you will be contacted by customer care with details and expected ship times.

Partial Shipments:

We attempt to always ship complete orders. If requested, we will provide partial shipments of your order, however shipping fees would be calculated as individual orders with the appropriate minimums applied.


If, due to extenuating circumstances, an order that is in transit needs to be cancelled, the customer is responsible for shipping and return freight charges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be contacted prior to delivery?
A: The freight carrier will usually contact you prior to delivery. They will provide the days and approximate time in which shipment will arrive. Please inspect your shipment prior to signing the freight paperwork.

Q: How long will it take to receive my shipment?
A: Usual shipping time is seven to ten business days after you place your order. These estimated dates of arrival are based on our experience and information that the manufacturer and shipper provides us with. We will let you know if the time frame varies significantly from our original estimate.

Q: What if I have a question about my shipment?
A: When you place your order, record and save your order number.
Please e mail or call our Customer Care for any questions you may have.

Q: What if I ship "will call" and later decide that I want my shipment delivered to my residence or job site?
A: We can change your shipment delivery site. However, you will incur additional Change of Delivery charge. Please contact Customer Care for more details and a new delivery quote.

Q: What if my shipment is damaged?
A: Be sure to inspect your shipment when picking up or having it delivered to you. If there is any damage caused to items in transit, it is covered by the carrier. The freight carrier considers the final recipient (you) as the person responsible for inspecting and receiving the shipment. If material has been damaged you must note all damage on the shipping paperwork. After that there are two options:

Option One – You may refuse the entire shipment. This is not the recommended option. This will cause your entire order to be retuned to the shipping warehouse and inspected there. It may or may not be possible for us to reship your order quickly.

Option Two – You may accept the undamaged portion of your order and leave the damaged portion with the shipping company. This allows us to only process the claim on the damaged material with the shipper. Allowing us to reship the damaged pieces quickly with the shipper and being able to cover one shipment with the other. Our recommendation is to clearly note the damaged to the pieces on the freight paperwork and leave those pieces with the shipper. We will then be able to handle the claim in a much more efficient manor.

** If you accept material from a freight company without noting any damage the material is considered in good condition and any claim is very difficult to pursue. It is well worth a little time to ensure that your material is in good condition.

What to expect when receiving your order:

These are a few helpful tips to help you receive your order in a timely and efficient manner. First, how much does your shipment weigh? If your shipment is approximately 100lbs or less it will more than likely ship with UPS. If your shipment is going with UPS keep an eye out for the tracking number and be sure to visit www.ups.com for tracking updates.

For those shipments that weigh over 100lbs your shipment will more than likely ship using an LTL carrier. The LTL carrier will be decided after an estimated shipping date is set. Once you have the name of the carrier and the tracking number it is always recommended that you contact the carrier to set up an appointment, this puts the power in your hands and prevents you from having to wait to hear from the carrier. This will also place urgency on your order as they will be aware that you are actively awaiting it. It is equally important to record the names of the people you speak with so that if necessary you may refer back to it. Some carriers will contact you with unexpected charges and requests, if this occurs please contact NetFloors.com immediately. You should expect curbside delivery, and you ARE expected to be able to offload the materials so plan accordingly. Lift gates are available for those who would prefer to pay for the convenience of having the materials offloaded by the carrier and prices vary according to the carrier. If you choose to request a lift gate, this will be above and beyond the costs that NetFloors.com has purchased and you will be required to cover that fee. It is highly recommended that you contact the carrier again when the day of your scheduled delivery arrives, so that you may confirm the appointment.

When the carrier delivers the materials the following steps will ensure that, should you have any difficulties they will be handled properly. This will allow you to receive proper compensation. If you do not follow the steps below you will be responsible for filing the claim against the carrier for compensation. However if the steps are followed properly NetFloors.com will file a claim on your behalf and either credit you for the damaged materials or replace them at your choice. Please also note that any refused shipments without the consent of NetFloors.com will be treated as a return with all of the associated costs.

  1. Inspect freight for damages. Even small indicators such as rips in the surrounding plastic can be indicative of improper handling of your order. Check the shrink wrap on your pallet to see if it is intact, if it is not please make a note of that on the Delivery Receipt.
  2. Please verify the presence of the smaller materials such as moldings (probably in a tube), glue, and foam. These may be packaged together in some cases so be certain to check for all items. Any missing items should be noted as "short". i.e. "short 4 ...."
  3. Check your packing slip (included with shipment) or your order confirmation to verify that you have received the proper quantity of materials. If you believe that there are missing materials that were not shipped please make sure you note those items as the delivering carrier and NetFloors.com will determine the source of the loss.
  4. Once you have verified that no materials are damaged and missing you may sign the delivery receipt indicating as much. However if you do find damages or missing items you must note them on the delivery receipt in order to receive compensation. It will also be necessary to keep the materials in question for carrier inspection. Then proceed to notify NetFloors.com listing the items you have damaged or missing and indicate your preference for reimbursement or replacement materials. Before either can take place a copy of the delivery receipt must be faxed or otherwise communicated to NetFloors.com, please include separately the exact quantities and items that need to be replaced or reimbursed. You may fax this to 480-922-1444. The quantities to be replaced cannot exceed the damage noted on the delivery receipt.
    Congratulations you’re now ready to receive your order and are fully armed with information to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

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