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Vinyl can be grouped into two categories, vinyl sheets and vinyl tiles.

Vinyl sheets come in 6' and 12' widths and have two types as well, inlaid and printed vinyl. The inlaid sheets are usually more expensive as they are heavier than printed vinyl. When a pattern on a piece of inlaid vinyl is scratched, the damage is usually barely discernable because the pattern is thicker. If you are planning on installing yourself, take care to protect yourself while lifting and moving the vinyl sheets because of their weight.

Vinyl tiles usually come in 12" or 9" sizes. Vinyl tiles have two forms, composition and solid. Vinyl composition tile or VCT as it is known consists of several different materials and fillers that are mixed together. Color is added to the mixture to create patterns. A vinyl composition tile does not have the same pattern on both sides. Solid vinyl tiles will have the same color pattern on both sides of the tile because the pattern goes all the way through.

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